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Anytime Skip-a-Pay 

Despite good intentions, you may need a little extra money to help get you through. At Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union, we offer our members a year-round Skip A Payment program to help grant financial relief when things get tight. Our Skip A Payment program allows you to skip any of your qualifying loan payments two times every twelve months, six times for the life of the loan, without being considered delinquent - allowing you to free up some cash to cover life’s unexpected challenges.

For a $30 fee, Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union offers Skip a Pay to help in these situations. When you use this option on your HCFFCU loan* you can take the money you’d normally use to pay your loan to cover:

  • Daily finances
  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Home or auto repairs
  • A larger-than-expected tuition bill
  • Extra money for the holidays

All eligible requests must be received by the 23rd of the month to skip the following month. For example: To skip your January 31st payment, your request must be received by December 23rd.

*Non-eligible loans include Visa Credit Cards, Quick-Fix Loans, Real Estate Loans, Personal Lines of Credit, Overdraft Lines of Credit, Hospital Dependent Tuition Loans, and any loan being paid by credit union disability insurance or other debt protection.


Skip-a-Pay Today!


Terms and Conditions:

By participating in Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union's Skip-A-Payment program, you request that Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union defer your loan payments as indicated.

You agree and understand that:

1) FINANCE CHARGES will continue to accrue during and after the deferral period; deferring payment will result in higher total FINANCE CHARGES than if payment were made as originally scheduled;

2) Payment deferral will require extra payments past the original maturity date;

3) Elected GAP or Warranty Coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date;

4) Payments will resume the following month;

5) There is a $30 fee per loan and I understand the $30 fee(s) must be available in my HCFFCU Savings or Checking account;

6) You must not have had any loan payment more than 30 days late at HCFFCU within the past 12 months;

7) You must have completed a minimum of three payments on subject loan;

8) Skip-A-Pay request must be made by the 23rd of the month to skip the following month payment. If recent data shows that you have been delinquent on the mentioned loan(s) for any reason, Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union reserves the right to deny your application for Skip-A-Payment. If your request is denied, we will contact you. Loan(s) must be in good standing to accept this offer.

9) Two (2) Skip-A-Payments allowed per twelve month period, six (6) Skip-A-Payments allowed the life of the loan. 

10) Excludes VISA® credit cards, Quick Fix Loans, Real Estate loans, Personal Lines of Credit, Overdraft Protection Loans and any loan being paid by credit union disability insurance or other debt protection.

What if I have automatic payments already in place?

Before submitting your Skip A Payment application, be sure to cancel any external automatic payments that are currently set up through Xpress Online Banking, Bill Payer, or other financial institutions in order to avoid any unexpected deductions. Make sure to resume your automatic payments after the skipped month has passed.


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